Kiwanis, through guidance and example, works

to develop future generations of leaders.

Celebrating over 35 years of Service !

Ordinary people performing EXTRAORDINARY work


Our Members

You'll be surprised how many of us you already know !

James S. Blesse

Steve Bowman

Mary Francis Briley

J. Wesley Brown

Steve Butkus

Jeff Cannon

Douglas W. Caskey

Tracy Catlett

Connie Chapman

Malcolm Cofer

Bob Cole

Billie R. Cook

Elaine Dow-Hines

Dick Fox

Teresa Frantz

Kurt Frischmann

Fred Glanville

John Graham

Dick Gutleber

Gerald H. Gwaltney

Jerry Healy

Gary L. Hess

Sue Ivy

Elizabeth Jones

Bill Laine

Eric Leaman

Jon Little

Angie Lowry

Danny Lytton

Meredith Marchant

Mark Marshall

Charles A. Momper

Bill Moore

Edmund C. Mortimer

Amy Musick

Jeffrey S. Nilsson

Alan S. Nogiec

Ron H. Pack

George C. Perez

Steve Pillow

Tom Ross

Alfred Stein

Peter M. Stephenson

Jim Thornton

Fred G. Walls

Charles W. White

T. Carter Williams

Wayne Willis

Danielle Wright

( and, last - but DEFINITELY not least ... )

Bill Wyrick


<< as of 1 June 17 >>

We're glad you visited our webpage; if you're interested in working with local community leaders

to provide service to our youth, come join us and see if Kiwanis is the CLUB for YOU ...

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